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Sisma Smark 500 YAG Laser

USD 37,000.00

  • Brand: Sisma
  • Product Code: EMSI1012
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Product Description


The Smark-500 laser system better represents the compromise between a high power source, compact dimensions and flexibility of many accessories. Ideal for marking small to medium parts, inside and outside of rings, images or text.

Very small dimensions of the spot (or laser marking point) allows quick marking operations with a very high quality result. The versatility of the Smark laser also allows you to create precise and intricate cutouts for high speed productivity. 

LASER PARAMETERS: Technical Characteristics: SMARK-500
• Laser Source: Nd:YAG
• Wave Length: 1064 nm
• Max Marking Speed: 5000 mm/s
• Position Resolution: 1.7 μm
• Power Supply: 220V
• Dimensions: (W X D X H) 55.12” X 39.4” X 55.12”
• Fume Suction: 60mm
• Marking area: 4.3” X 4.3” X 6.7”tall
• Weight: 572 lbs (260 kgs)
• Engraving materials: Engraves or cuts on precious metals & plastic
• Focal: F160mm
• 12 month manufacturers warranty