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Sisma BSS-3D YAG Laser

USD 92,000.00

  • Brand: Sisma
  • Product Code: EMSI1011
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Product Description


The BSS-3D machine is specifically designed for 2D and 3D deep engraving on molds, matrix, punches and electrodes. This is accomplished through movement of the laser source on a portal with a 3 axis system and a range of 350mm. The centering is done through a high resolution ultra compact camera; working cycles, positioning and programing are managed from the master software.

The BSS-3D laser source gives you the possibility to deep engrave on a working area of 21.65”L X 31.5”W X 15.75”H. Comes equipped with the SLC Sisma software.

Technical Characteristics: BSS-3D
• Laser Source: Nd:YAG
• Wave Length: 1064 nm
• Repeatability: +/- .02mm
• Power Supply: 220V
• Dimensions: (W X D X H) 74.8” X 46.9” X 70.7”
• Working Area: 21.65”L X 31.5”W X 15.75”H
• Cooling System: Water
• Camera: CCD 768(H) X 494(L) lines
• Weight: 1587 lbs (720 kgs)
• Focal: F160mm
• 12 month manufacturers warranty