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Seiko SPT-510 / 35pl Printhead with New IC Driver


  • Brand: Seiko
  • Product Code: PHSK0828
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Seiko SPT-510 / 35pl Printhead with New IC Driver
To be used with: 
Crystaljet 3000 / Crystaljet 4000 / Crystaljet 4000 II / Crystaljet 6000II / Crystaljet 9000series large format printer, which are produced after January 5, 2011 by INFINITI / CHALLENGER.
ZHONGYE ZY-6800 / ZY-5300 / ZY-3400 / ZY-3200 / ZY-2500 / ZY-2000 / ZY-FB Series large format printers with Seiko SPT-510 / 35PL 
Remarks: Original

This is latest type SPT-510 / 35PL print head with new IC driver chip produced by Seiko.  Both new and old IC driver chips perform the same. 

For INFINITI / CHALLENGER FY-3208H printers (Serial number before 32026212974), produced before January 5, 2011 and with USB board, users should choose SPT510-35PL Print heads with old IC chip (PRH-SPT-002-E).

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