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Xaar Head Personality Card 3 (HPC3) - XP55500037

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The slimline Xaar Head Personality Card 3 far right (Xaar HPC3 HV) provides optimal and dependable data communication between a Xaar 1003 printhead and the remainder of the digital inkjet print data path.

This proven solution significantly reduces costs and risks faced by OEMs developing bespoke printing systems and reduces time-to-market.

The slimline Xaar HPC3 is extremely mechanically robust and reliable, and has a more compact footprint than the Xaar HPC2 which it replaces. The Molex connector ensures precise alignment with the Xaar 1003 printhead and the inherent locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnection.

The HPC3 HV, when combined with an external power supply, can be used with Xaar 1003 GS6, Xaar 1003 GS12 and Xaar 1003 GS40 printheads.