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Introducing a high resolution system that is more ecologically friendly and provides more efficient operation than traditional sublimation transfer systems. The DS-1600 Textile Printer is a 64-inch “direct to dye sublimation” printer that doesn’t require transfer medium. A new Mimaki inkset formulation creates a robust color gamut when applied directly to polyester based roll materials.

Sharp, high-quality print
Direct printing provides finer lines and sharper edges than traditional transfer systems.

No need to use transfer paper.

Reduced cost 
This system requires no transfer paper or liner paper, so running costs are much lower than the costs of traditional transfer systems.

Improved operational efficiency
The system avoids cockling of printed transfer paper and mistakes made by wrinkling transfer paper when transferring the ink onto fabric.

Equipped with media take-up device and media feeder with a dancer roller
The tension bar moves up and down to adjust proper feeding. Suitable for continuous operation.

Ink tray
In order to prevent ink that has penetrated the fabric from marking other fabrics, a tray is provided.

High-speed print heads
The head configuration is an array of two staggered print heads. 1-way (single ink set) for fast printing and 2-way (dual ink set) for multipurpose printing are available. In addtion, both print modes can utilize either 4-color high speed printing or 6-color high quality printing.

Fabric supply mechanism
In addition to the drive roller and friction roller, the take-up unit and feeding unit with a dancer roller cause tension in the fabric to prevent it from wrinkling. The fabric retainer holds both edges of the fabric, preventing it from touching the print head.


Print headMethodPiezo-electric drop-on demand
Nozzle ConfigurationEight heads (4 x 2 lines, stagger arrangement)
Resolution360, 540, 720 dpi
Maximum printing width1,620mm(63.7")1850mm (72.8")
Head height adjustment1.2mm (0.04") to 10mm (0.39")
Nozzle360 nozzels per colour180 nozzles per colour
Print mode
6-colour printing360 x 360 dpi: 2/4/8 pass Bi/Uni directional
360 x 540 dpi: 3/6/12 pass Bi/Uni directional
360 x 720 dpi: 4/8/16 pass Bi/Uni directional
720 x 720 dpi: 4/8/16 pass Bi/Uni directional
4-colour printing360 x 360 dpi: 1/2/4 pass Bi/Uni directional
360 x 540 dpi: 3/6/12 pass Bi/Uni directional
360 x 720 dpi: 2/4/8 pass Bi/Uni directional
720 x 720 dpi: 2/4/8 pass Bi/Uni directional
Ink typeDye SublimationC, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm
Aqueous PigmentC, M, Y, K
Ink Volume
6 colour print 1-way: 220cc x 2/colour, 2-way: 220cc x 1/colour
4 colour print 1-way: 220cc x 4/colour, 2-way: 220cc x 2/colour
MediaTypePolyester / Cotton (3*)
Width200mm (7.8") - 1650mm (64.9")200mm (7.8") - 1900mm (74.8")
ThicknessLess than 7mm (0.27")
Outside diameterLess than Ø250mm (9.84")
Roll weightLess than 30kg (66lbs)
Roll inside diameter1.5" - 3"
Printing surfacePrinting is possible on either sides
Roll end treatmentLight adhesive tape is used to allow media to be removed
Margin (roll fabric)10mm (0.39") ±0.5mm (0.01"), left and right side
InterfaceIEEE-1284 / IEEE-1394
CommandMRL-1E (ESC/PV.1 base) Mimaki original command
Power requirementAC100V to 240V ±10%, (auto voltage) 50/60Hz±1Hz
Power consumptionLess than 500W
Operational EnvironmentTemperature: 15°C (55°F) to 30°C (86°F) Humidity: 35% to 65%Rh (no condensation)
DimentionsWidth2750mm (108.3")3040mm (119.7")
Depth940mm (37.0")
Height1350mm (53.2")
Weight230Kg(507lbs)250kg (551lbs)