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Mimaki CF3-1610

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Product Description


Equipped with a newly developed router head to cut up to 50mm (2'')* in thickness.
Cuts a wide range of materials with high accuracy

Supports both small and large size media up to 1.6m x 3.1m (63" x 122"). Even difficult acrylic or aluminum composite panels can be cut with consistently high accuracy. User exchangeable cutting heads to suit a wide range of conditions widen your possibilities greatly. 

Effective cut area1,600 x 3,100mm
(63" x 122")
1,600 x 1,000mm
(63" x 39.3")
Head drive methodX.Y,Z.θ DC servo, special timing belt
Maximum speed50cm (19.6'')/s
Maximum acceleration0.5G
Static accuracyRepeatability±0.15mm
Distance±0.1mm,or ±0.1% whichever is greater
Origin repeatability±0.15mm
Maximum cut depthRouter : 50mm (1.96"), Tangential cutter : 10mm (0.39"),
Reciprocating cutter : 20mm (0.78")
Maximum media thicknessRouter : 50mm (1.96"), Tangential cutter : 30mm (1.18"),
Reciprocating cutter : 20mm (0.78")
Material clampVacuum system with blower
CommandMGL-II c3 (MGL-IIc)
InterfaceUSB, RS-232C
Main unit power supply200V~240V, Single phase 50/60Hz Less than 6A
Dust collector power supplyAC100V-120V, Single phase 50/60Hz, Less than 15A
AC200V-240V, Single phase 50/60Hz, Less than 10A
Blower power supplyAC200V-240V, Single phase 50/60Hz, 
Less than 30A per unit
Dimensions (WxDxH)2,250 x 4,120 x 1,320mm
(88.6" x 162.2" x 52.0")
2,250 x 1,860 x 1,320mm
(88.6" x 73.3" x 52.0")
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CF3-1610MEffective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1610R1Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1610TF2Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1631MEffective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")
CF3-1631R1Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")
CF3-1631TF2Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")